Backbeat Music Royalty Software

Backbeat software will quickly process your sales sheets transforming millions of rows into customized royalty statements for automatic distribution to your payees.

Software as a Service

Our powerful cloud based software has been constructed with flexibility in mind it so can be adapted to be as simple or as complex as your royalty contracts. Whether you are a Music Publisher with split-copyrights and co-published deals or a Record Label with old-school, price based royalty contracts Backbeat will have it covered.

Major or Minor

Our clients include Start-ups, Majors and Indies from Music Publishers and Production Music Companies through to Record Labels, our pricing policy suits all sizes and genres.

CWR Registration & Royalty Services

Our ad-hoc CWR registration service allows Music Publishers and Production Music Companies to register in bulk thousands of works with PRO’s and Spotify.

If you prefer to outsource the burden of royalty processing try our royalty bureau service.

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