CWR File Creation Service

Register in bulk thousands of works with the world’s PRO societies

We also offer a one-off ad-hoc service if you need to very quickly register large volumes of works without wanting to take out an annual subscription to our sophisticated database software and all its features.

How it works.

You submit to us a spreadsheet listing of your metadata and we will return a CWR file of all your works for onward registration with the specific society of your choice. This can also be used for onward distribution to all of your sub-publishers and agents around the world as well as Spotify-Analytics for Publishers. Source Audio or Harvest works great for this and we have dedicated API’s for both.

From our perspective, if your metadata is good we can turnaround the spreadsheet-to-CWR conversion in an hour.  If a publisher subsequently chooses to deploy the full software package then any costs so far incurred through the CWR service are deducted from the annual software fee. Utilizing the Backbeat system enables a company to output CWR files to many societies as often as they choose and then subsequently process the ensuing royalties for onward distribution to local writers and international publishers.


Our CWR service is priced at £100 GBP per 10,000 (ten thousand) works for Production Music companies and £100 GBP per 1,000 (one thousand) works for commercial Music Publishers.

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