BACKBEAT – For Music Publishing

Backbeat is hosted on the same power servers as used by major music publishers but delivered to your desk top at a fraction of the cost.

Catalogue Management

  • Register songs with collection societies via CWR files
  • Receive ACK files from societies and record their Works Numbers for easy matching to subsequent royalties
  • Detail your Songs along with their controlled and non-controlled Writers and Publishers
  • Define Writers with CAE and IPI codes and link to Publishers via Agreements
  • Define Original Publishers with CAE and IPI codes and link to Sub-Publishers via Agreements

Clients and Agreements

  • Rates defined at Source or Net by Client Agreement
  • Define many Clients for a Payee and cross-collateralize where necessary
  • Rates varied according to Income Type, Territory and Source
  • Define Frequency of accounting – Half-Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Annually; even Off-Quarterly etc.
  • Define Payment terms – 90, 60, 30 days etc
  • Report to Payees in currency of their choice
  • Rates can be expressed as a Royalty or Unit Rate in addition to the normal receipts basis
  • Link Agreements to Writers and Publishers – no need then to link
    contracts song-by-song

Income Processing

  • Import your income directly into the database from whatever format is provided by your Income Sources and Sub-Publishers
  • Income consolidated over differing entities which can reduce an income file by up to 90%. You decide what your income database will process and what granularity your business requires.
  • Automatically match income to Songs by ISWC, Works Number and even Title and Composer. You decide how your income database will match and what your business requires.
  • Unlimited number of Income Types. You decide how your income database will process and what your business requires.
  • Report income in any currency, convert to base currency of host company and then pay out in currency of Payee
  • Select individual income lines and show prospective royalty liability online

Calculations and Statements

  • Royalty Statements customized with your own logos and graphics
  • Email royalty statements direct to Payees
  • Powerful royalty engine calculates whole periods in minutes NOT hours
  • Calculations performed across all sales or by selected Sales Statement or Source
  • Provisional calculations performed as accruals with no royalty liability recorded allowing for transparency and flexibility
  • Witholding Tax and VAT applied where required
  • Royalty Statements defined to show as much or as little as you need to report.
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