BACKBEAT – for Print and Sheet Publishing

Product Management

  • Define your products as Folios or Single Sheet items
  • Define individual songs along with their writers and publishers
  • Itemise all Songs listed in a Folio
  • Link contracts direct to Folios, direct to Songs or at both levels and calculate over all participating entities
  • Define product Price Codes and vary according to date which then link back to Products

Sales Processing

  • Post Physical and Digital sales directly to Folio or Sheet items
  • Import your sales directly into the database from whatever format is provided by Distributors and 3rd Parties
  • Digital Sales condensed over differing entities which can reduce the volume of sales rows by up to 90%. You decide what your sales database will process and what granularity your business requires.
  • Automatically match Physical and Digital sales back to Products by Catalogue Code, Bar Code, 3rd Party ID and even Title. You decide how your sales database will match and what your business requires.
  • Record sales with up to six different prices (PPD, Retail, Invoice, Contractual etc.) You decide what your sales database will process and what your business requires.
  • Apply pricing as defined by the Product database
  • Record both Gross and Net Units
  • Report sales in any currency, convert to base currency of host company and then pay out in currency of Payee
  • Select individual sales lines and show prospective royalty liability online

Calculation and Statements

  • Royalty Statements customized with your own logos and graphics
  • Email royalty statements direct to Payees
  • Powerful royalty engine calculates whole periods in minutes NOT hours
  • Calculations performed across all sales or by selected Sales Statement or Source
  • Provisional calculations performed as accruals with no royalty liability recorded allowing for transparency and flexibility
  • Witholding Tax and VAT applied where required
  • Royalty Statements defined to show as much or as little as you need to report.

Royalty Contracts

  • Rates expressed as Royalty, Receipts or Unit Rate
  • Rates defined by up to four levels of data entity (Format, Territory, Distribution Method and Discount Level)
  • Reduced Rates shown as a variation of base rate.
  • Variable Price Base (PPD, Retail, Contractual, Invoice etc.)
  • Vary units by percentage of sales
  • Define Packaging deductions by format
  • Define Frequency of accounting – Half-Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Annually etc.
  • Define Payment terms – 90, 60, 30 days etc
  • Report to Payees in different currencies
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