BACKBEAT for Production Music and Libraries

Content Management

  • Upload content from Harvest, Source Audio or any other content provider in spreadsheet format
  • Bulk register thousands of tracks direct with PROs’ via CWR files, album by album
  • Group Tracks together by Album
  • Detail your Albums and Tracks along with their unique identifiers (Album Code, Catalogue Code, EAN, ISRC, ISWC etc)
  • Identify each Track and Album by Library and link each Library to appropriate Royalty Contract. No need to link contracts, track by track on sub-published content.
  • Import ACK files from societies and record their Works Numbers for easy matching to subsequent royalties

Income Processing

  • Post Blanket Fees direct to Albums or other collections of tracks and pro-rate accordingly
  • Import your income directly into the database from whatever format is provided by your PRO’s, Sub-Publishers and Partner Libraries
  • Automatically match income to Tracks by Track Listing on Album, ISRC, ISWC, Works Number and even Title and Composer. You decide how your income database will match and what your business requires.
  • Unlimited number of Income Types. You decide how your income database will process and what your business requires.
  • Report income in any currency, convert to base currency of host company and then pay out in currency of Payee

Royalty Contracts

  • Rates expressed as simply as your contracts. If you pay 50% Receipts on all income then that is all you need to enter. One entry defines all possibilities
  • Define many Clients for a Payee and cross-collateralize where necessary album by album
  • Vary Rates where necessary by Territory and Income Type
  • Define Frequency of accounting – Half-Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Annually etc.
  • Define Payment terms – 90, 60, 45, 30 days etc
  • Report to Payees in currency of their choice

Calculation and Statements

  • Royalty Statements customized with your own logos and graphics
  • Email royalty statements direct to Payees
  • Powerful royalty engine calculates whole periods in minutes NOT hours
  • Calculations performed across all sales or by selected Sales Statement or Source
  • Provisional calculations performed as accruals with no royalty liability recorded allowing for transparency and flexibility
  • Witholding Tax and VAT applied where required
  • Royalty Statements defined to show as much or as little as you need to report.