Backbeat Royalty Service

The processing of royalties is very much a back office function and lies at the backend of the business procedures for a music company. If you’d prefer to leave the arcane world of royalty processing to someone else and leave your staff free to concentrate on more creative tasks why not let our Backbeat Bureau Service undertake the processing of this tedious and time-consuming task for you.

How it works

We use our Backbeat software to set up your metadata and contracts. Then, every period you submit to us your sales and income statements and shortly after we will return individual royalty statements, in an agreed format of your choice, for each of your payees. When you are happy that the royalty liability is good we can then distribute these statements by email to all your Payees.

Not only does this method eliminate the associated costs of an in-house royalty operation it can even work out cheaper than deploying the software itself, since it eliminates the need for training and ongoing support.
If this service is of interest please contact us and tell us more of your royalty environment.

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